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We strive for a positive experience at GO! Tattoo Removal and landing on this page means you’ve opted to tell others about your visit with us.  Many consumers rely heavily on reviews, maybe that’s even how you found us. We appreciate any positive message you can leave so future clients will know what to expect.

If something about your visit to our office wasn’t exceptional or you’d like to see a change, please contact us privately about it.  We will do everything possible to resolve an issue or try to implement changes based on your suggestions.

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instagramOne of our favorite platforms to share progress photos and videos on is Instagram.  We update our feed almost daily and mix it up so won’t just be seeing tattoo removal progress videos and treatments being done.

All promotions, sales and conventions we do are also announced through our Instagram page, so give us a follow!

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youtubeVideos have been a wonderful tool to showcase what it is we do, and we choose to host them on YouTube.  Watch 1080p HD videos of real-time laser tattoo removal treatments.

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tumblrThe Tumblr community has been great to us and we know there are some die hards out there that enjoy the platform.  You’ll find mostly our content pushed over from Instagram, but we do our best to keep it fresh.

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twitterNot our go-to social network, Twitter does have a soft spot in our hearts.  Most of the time you’ll find tweets auto-generated from Tumblr or Instagram, but we always reply to messages and @replies.

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