Wrap Up: The Lehigh Valley Tattoo Convention | Skindustry Expo | AKA What You Missed

Last year we signed up to be a vendor at The Lehigh Valley Tattoo Convention, Skindustry Expo and have been anxiously awaiting this past weekend.  This past weekend couldn’t come fast enough for us.

GO! fast fun juice (espresso)

After making some GO! fast fun juice (espresso) before heading over Friday to the convention center, we started to setup our booth before the floodgates of people that started to arrive at 2pm.

Skindustry Expo Day 1, we gave away free thumbs up all weekend!

Marcus was happy with the booth setup and gave free Thumbs Up to everyone who asked over the entire weekend.

Frist day laser tattoo removal consultations start

Shorty after convention started we were giving away can koozies and doing free laser tattoo removal consultations.  This was one of the most fun parts of the weekend for us; educating people about how the process actually works and dispelling many of the common myths.

GO! Mobile, 1963 VW Singlecab

Saturday was a beautiful morning and Marcus decided to drive his GO! Mobile to the convention, a restored 1963 VW Singlecab.  Unaware of a fan-voted car show going on, people encouraged him to enter it in the contest.  While it stuck out like a sore thumb compared to some beautiful 50’s hot rods and 30’s rat rods, the fans really got a kick out of it!

Skindustry Expo First Place Car Show Trophy

Much to our surprise, the quirky GO! Mobile tied for first place!  We proudly displayed the trophy in our booth Saturday and on the last day, Sunday.

Stereographic Panorama of the Skindustry Expo

The last day of the convention, a stereographic panorama of our booth and some of the amazing artists that surrounded us.

Overall, we are honored to have a place in this expo and can’t thank Steve from The Quillian enough for putting on The Lehigh Valley Tattoo Convention and allowing us to have a booth and participate.  Additionally, we’re beyond humbled by the acceptance and encouragement given to us throughout the entire weekend by all the artists, locally and those who traveled in just for the convention.  We enjoy working with tattoo artists and giving people more options for the cover-ups so they can get the artwork they will love for a lifetime.

Thank You! To everyone who stopped by and chatted with us about how we can help or the options we provide for moving forward with what you’re trying to get.  To all the artists who openly welcomed us into the convention and support what we’re doing, we’re looking forward to working with you and your clients.  To the entire crew at The Quillian, every one of you rocks, thank you so much for putting on an amazing expo.  And to everyone who took advantage of our BOGO deal, took a $100 off flyer and scheduled appointments with us, we look forward to starting treatments with you!