Wrap Up Tattoos For The Cause at Into The Sun

Yesterday was not only a beautiful day, it was Tattoos For The Cause at Into the Sun, which couldn’t have gone any better.  With the event scheduled to start at noon, we arrived around 11:15 to a line already forming of those wanting tattoos.

Line forming at Into The Sun

Inside things were coming together in prep for what would end up being an extremely busy day.

Inside Into The Sun

Tattoos For The Cause Flash

Laying out all the flash sheets for the event.

Inked Philly & Cheri of Tattoos For The Cause

The people behind Inked Philly & Tattoos For The Cause

Tattoos For The Cause Flash

Relay For Life

Relay For Life, the reason we all came together

Inked Philly

Inked Philly

Tattoos For The Cause

Tattoos For The Cause


Janine brought all the smiles!

The Bacon Jams

The Bacon Jams came through with some spreadable goodness.

Nick Keiser, Deadmeat's tattoo machine by Keith B

And just like that, it was time to make tattoos to an eager group who lined up.

Huge thanks to Eternal Inks, Kingpin Tattoo Supply & RinseCup for their sponsorship!


Kingpin Tattoo Supply

Eternal Inks

Eternal Inks

Eternal Inks


And lets not forget, the tattoos!

Tony Humpal

Tony Humpal | on Instagram @tonyhumpaltattoos

Janine Houseman

Janine Houseman | on Instagram @j9intothesun

Nick Keiser

Nick Keiser | on Instagram @deadmeat

Benny Morris

Benny Morris | on Instagram @bmorristattyzaps

NBC 10 also came out and featured the event on the 11pm news!

In total, 50 tattoos were completed and just over $3,000 was raised!  We’d like to send a special thanks to Inked Philly for reaching out to get us involved with this event.  Follow them on Instagram at @inkedphilly and Facebook.



Emilio won the raffle for a free laser tattoo removal treatment.  Thanks for entering [so many times] Emilio!