This past weekend we returned to The Visionary Tattoo Arts Festival for our fifth year in Asbury Park, NJ. So good to reconnect with old friends and make new ones, both tattoo artists and clients. Building solid relationships is what our business is all about.

Ant Walsh Tattoo Artist

Hit the boardwalk before the convention with some of our friend Ant Walsh to eat and explore.

Marko Rusty Anchor Trading

Stopped in our former client (he’s in the process of having everything we faded covered right now!) and friend Marko’s new spot, Rusty Anchor Trading to see all the beautiful carved wood pieces he’s been creating.  If you’ve ever wondered where the carved tiki heads, skulls and hannya mask came from, it’s Marko!

Alexis Kovacs of Electric Cheetah and Ink Master Season 12 Cast Memeber

Right at the entrance our booth was looking slick, plenty of orange and hard to miss. This year we also paired up with Alexis Kovacs aka @AlexisCheetah. It was great having a good friend hang in the booth (and showing off her Ink Master Season 12 cast member banner!).

Cardinal Weird Hash

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and without a doubt our favorite spot is Cardinal Provisions, and their weird hash.

Mogo Taco Asbury Park, NJ

Lunch is also pretty important and no trip to the boardwalk in Asbury Park is complete without a stop at Mogo Taco.

Tower Dogs Asbury Park, NJ

Least we forget late night snacks, the new kid in town is Tower Dogs and yes, there is a hot dog in there!

Winner of Free Tattoo Removal Treatment

Pulled at random of the 53 who entered is the 42nd person, Alison Gordon. We’ll be emailing you shortly Alisonn, thanks to everyone who entered.

We can’t thank everyone who stopped and talked with us, bought gift cards and gave high-fives this weekend. A huge thank you also goes out to Shannon & Jon Jon from Triple Diamond Tattoo for once again bringing such an amazing group of artists together and putting on such an amazing event. It’s hard to believe this is already our fourth year doing The Visionary Tattoo Arts Festival and we look forward to it every year.

It was amazing to see so many of our clients and tattoo artists come through and show support, both locals and those who travel in from New York, New Jersey and all over Pennsylvania and beyond.

Cafe Volan Asbury Park NJ

Last tip! If you’re in Asbury Park, NJ and need an amazing cup of coffee, visit Cafe Volan!