This past weekend we returned to the Electric City Tattoo Convention for our sixth year in downtown Scranton, PA. So good to reconnect with old friends and make new ones, both tattoo artists and clients. Building solid relationships is what our business is all about.

The photo at the top of this post is a tintype made by Rebecca Daniels (GO! check out her work) of Mike and our long time friend / client, Mason Chimato.

Wrap Up: 2019 Electric City Tattoo Convention | Scranton PA

Right at the entrance our booth was looking slick, plenty of orange and hard to miss.

Peculiar Slurp Scranton

Peculiar Slurp Scranton

Started the convention off with lunch at a new spot and it was amazing, if you’re in Scranton go to Peculiar Slurp!

Pulled at random of the 34 who entered is the 9th person, Kelly Kundratic. We’ll be emailing you shortly Kelly, thanks to everyone who entered.

We can’t thank everyone who stopped and talked with us, bought gift cards and gave high-fives this weekend. A huge thank you also goes out to Woody from Electric City Tattoo for once again bringing such an amazing group of artists together and putting on such an amazing event. It’s hard to believe this is already our sixth year doing The Electric City Tattoo Convention and we look forward to it every year.

It was amazing to see so many of our clients and tattoo artists come through and show support, both locals and those who travel in from New York, New Jersey and all over Pennsylvania and beyond.