Wrap Up: 2016 Skindustry Tattoo Expo | Lehigh Valley Tattoo Convention

Our fourth year back to the Skindustry Tattoo Expo at the Sands Event Center in Bethlehem, PA.  This being our hometown show, it’s great to walk in and know virtually everyone who had a booth setup and was tattooing.  Kind of like a big family reunion, since so many of us work so hard every day we don’t get to really hang out together often, and Skindustry is a great place for us to all meet.

At tattoo conventions, we are there to help educate people about laser tattoo removal, how it can benefit a cover-up tattoo and how the whole process works.  The laser tattoo removal videos we played in the booth really had people stopping in their tracks.

GO! Tattoo Removal Booth at Skindustry Expo

The show floor was laid out a little differently this year and our booth was on the main floor among the other tattoo artists.  The addition of feather flags helped draw attention to our booth and the bright orange stood out really well.  We’ve been really happy with how the booth has evolved over the years and many people complimented us on the overall look.  Lots of great conversations have happened over that orange tablecloth.

1981 Peter Eagle Tattoo

One such conversation was with the gentleman who has been wearing this tattoo since 1981, when Allentown’s own Peter Eagle, who passed away back in 2011.  Peter owned and tattooed at his shop from 1975 till his passing in 2011.  We didn’t offer our services to this gentleman, nor would we want to ever remove a piece of tattoo history like this.  It was great talking with him for a few minutes about what it was like to get tattooed 35 years ago and some history on the piece.

Mike from Never Again Radio

Mike slipped away for a few minutes to do a quick interview with Mike (confused yet?) of Never Again Radio for an upcoming podcast episode.  So thankful for the opportunity to talk with him and Jesse about what we do and why we do it.

GO! Tattoo Removal Booth At Skindustry Tattoo Expo

The booth was almost always busy, some who didn’t know laser tattoo removal and fading was an option, others came just to get face time with us and get their questions answered. So happy to share what we do with so many people.

Never Again Clothing

Directly across from us this year was Never Again Clothing, also run by Mike (pictured on the right), who had help from Rick and MJ.  The three of them also helped us out when we needed to run for food or needed a quick break, watched over our booth.  The comradery from everyone at the Skindustry Tattoo Expo is amazing, everyone willing to help out and pitch in, and why we continue to do it every year and why it’s one of our favorite tattoo conventions to attend.

Free Tattoo Removal Winner

We had a free-to-enter raffle this weekend, and it’s now time to announce the winner!  Pulled at random, the winner of a free laser tattoo removal treatment is Gabriella Reinhart.  We’ll be emailing you shortly Gabriella, thanks to everyone who entered.

We can’t thank everyone who stopped and talked with us, bought gift cards and gave high-fives this weekend.  A huge thank you also goes out to Steve from The Quillian for once again bringing such an amazing group of artists together and putting on such an amazing event.  It’s hard to believe this is already our fourth year doing the Skindustry Expo and we look forward to it every year.

It was amazing to see so many of our clients come through and show support, both locals and those who travel in from New York, New Jersey and all over Pennsylvania.  It seemed all too common place for Marcus or Mike to be explaining how tattoo removal works while the video was playing in the background only to be cut off by one of our rad clients who happened to be there to say, hey look at how great this is fading, these are the only guys you want to go to for tattoo removal / fading.  For that support, we’re eternally grateful.