17 Feb 2015
February 17, 2015

Wrap Up: 2015 Philadelphia Tattoo Convention

Wrap Up: 2015 Philadealphia Tattoo Convention

Our first year at Philadelphia Tattoo Convention was amazing!  One of the largest shows in the country with over 600 booths and what seemed like an endless flow of people.  Our booth was situated near the entrance on the right side as you walked in and a video montage of our laser tattoo removal work and videos of tattoo removal treatments had many stopping in their tracks to find out more information.

Driving Into Philadelphia

Driving into Philadelphia Friday morning it was cold but the Sun was shining down upon us.  Bound to be a great day.

GO! Tattoo Removal Booth

The booth went together pretty well, next time we’ll bring a steamer for the table cloth and get a few more grommets in the banner, but this year’s super clean look went over really well and we’re pleased.  The video loop this year, showcasing tattoo removal fading and procedures being done stopped people in their tracks.  We had loads of great conversations about how tattoo removal works and signing them up for appointments.

Valentine's Day Tattoo Removal

Saturday was Valentine’s Day, so we figured we’d have some fun with everyone.  We offered condoms for those in love and matchbooks for those who preferred to burn all of the ex’s belongings!  This went over pretty well and most people took both.

Derek Billingsley American Straight Edge Tattoo

Saturday evening Mike was able to sneak away from the booth long enough to get a fresh American Straight Edge tattoo by Derek Billingsley.  This was an original piece Derek drew and the first time in five long years since Mike was tattooed.

Derek Billingsley American Straight Edge Tattoo

Derek has been a long supporter of laser tattoo removal and how we operate our business, working within the tattoo community.  He’s also a client himself.  Super solid guy, give him a follow on instagram.com/dbillingsleytattoos if you aren’t already.

Free Tattoo Removal Treatment Winner

We had a free-to-enter raffle this weekend, and it’s now time to announce the winner!  Pulled at random, the winner of a free laser tattoo removal treatment is Cyn Parrington.  We’ll be emailing you shortly Cyn, thanks to everyone who entered.

Wrap Up: 2015 Philadealphia Tattoo Convention

It was brutally cold outside the Philadelphia Tattoo Convention but inside was nothing but open acceptance for what we’re doing with laser tattoo removal and fading.  This convention is the start of our third year doing them and each year more and more people are aware of how beneficial tattoo removal can be when thinking about reworking a portion of their body that already has tattoos on it.

Marcus and Mike would like to thank everyone for the endless high-fives, great conversations (even though Mike basically lost his voice Sunday) and to all those who inquired about how laser tattoo removal works, booked an appointment and bought gift cards.  Huge shout out to all our tattoo artist friends for their support this weekend, so great to connect in person with everyone in one spot.  Extra huge shout out to all the new artists we spoke with this weekend, really looking forward to working with you in the future.

Lastly, it was amazing to see so many of our clients come through and show support.  It seemed all too common place for Marcus or Mike to be explaining how tattoo removal works while the video was playing in the background only to be cut off by one of our rad clients who happened to be there to say, hey look at how great this is fading, these are the only guys you want to go to for tattoo removal / fading.  For that support, we’re eternally grateful.

Next up, Skindustry, The Lehigh Valley Tattoo Convention, March 13-15, 2015.