Wrap Up: 2015 Electric City Tattoo Convention | Scranton PA

Our second year doing The Electric City Tattoo Convention, in downtown Scranton, PA.  So good to reconnect with old friends and meet new people who we hope to build solid relationships with, both clients and tattoo artists.

Driving to Scranton, PA

The drive to Scranton is always beautiful, and the weather through the mountains seems to make the best photos.

Lehigh Tunnel

I’ll never get tired of driving through the Lehigh Tunnel.

GO! Tattoo Removal Booth

Our booth all setup for the 3-day weekend, once again I forgot to bring a steamer for the table cloth.

What The Fork Food Truck

One of the highlights to doing The Electric City Tattoo Convention every year is playing the find the food truck game with What The Fork.  They typically park within a 1-2 block radius of the convention center and are a must find when in Scranton.  The tacos and taco variations are amazing, along with twice-fried house fries and other goodies.


Sunday was started off with more food, this time from the hotel.  A fresh Belgian waffles topped with a warm fruit compote and granola.


We had a free-to-enter raffle this weekend, and it’s now time to announce the winner!  Pulled at random, the winner of a free laser tattoo removal treatment is Ciera Aulisio.  We’ll be emailing you shortly Ciera, thanks to everyone who entered.

This 3-day weekend was amazing, and went by far too fast.  We’d like to thank Woody from Electric City Tattoo for once again doing an amazing job putting together this convention and having us back this year.  It’s always an honor to be involved with tattoo conventions and hang with so many Instagram-friends that live too far to get together with on a regular basis.  Such rad art, tattoos, high-fives and good times happened this weekend and we’re already looking forward to next year.

Huge thank you also goes out to all our existing clients who stopped by and all the new clients we met and had the chance to discuss laser tattoo removal treatments with.