This past weekend we returned to the Philadelphia Tattoo Arts Festival for our fourth year in Philadelphia, PA.  So good to reconnect with old friends and make new ones, both tattoo artists and clients.  Building solid relationships is what our business is all about.

As a change for this year, it was considerably warmer than in years past, but also very wet with rain nearly every day.  That didn’t stop the lines everyone waited in to gain entrance, in some cases several hours each day. Thank you all!  Another huge accomplishment for Troy Timpel and the whole Villian Arts crew was the record 1,005 booths this year, up 20% from last year! Philadelphia hosts the largest tattoo convention in the world!

Philadelphia Tattoo Arts Festival GO! Tattoo Removal Booth

With a booth nearly in the middle of the convention, we stayed busy talking about fading for cover-up tattoos, tattoo removal and reconnecting with everyone.  It’s pretty hard to miss our near-glowing orange booth and flags.

Terakawa Ramen Philadelphia

What has become a per-convention ritual is Terakawa Ramen. if you’re looking for some of the best ramen in Philadelphia, go here.

Philadelphia Tattoo Arts Festival GO! Tattoo Removal Booth

In a sea of black pipe and drape booths, we tried to make ours stick out a bit!

Philadelphia Tattoo Arts Festival Winner

We had a free-to-enter raffle this weekend, and it’s now time to announce the winner!  Pulled at random, the winner of a free laser tattoo removal treatment is Sydney Faustner.  We’ll be emailing you shortly Sydney, thanks to everyone who entered.

The weather was much warmer this year compared to last, the rain made things a bit soggy but overall the entire weekend was amazing.  We spent the entire time talking about how laser tattoo removal can help benefit cover-up tattoos and even a few who were seeking full removal.  Continuing to spread the knowledge of how this process works, setting realistic expectations and building relationships is at the core of what we’re all about.

We also got to see plenty of old friends, exchanged lots of high fives and met so many new friends!  Overall, an amazing experience.