This was our third year attending the Philadelphia Tattoo Arts Convention, and we were blown away.  Known nationally for the quality and caliber of conventions, Troy Timple lived up to it again this year in Philadelphia. To top last year’s record, this year grew even more to stretch the lead as the world’s largest tattoo convention with 800 booths and 1300+ artists.  Just walking around took several hours because of the magnitude.

This year our booth was only a few rows away from the main entrance, in the relative middle where we had a video display showcasing laser tattoo removal treatments being performed, progress photos and real results.  This lead to some great conversations and a lot of new clients!

PicoSure & GO! Tattoo Removal

It was really hard to miss our booth with both our flag and the PicoSure one.


Even though it was cold, Philadelphia is still one of the most beautiful cities in the country.

We had a free-to-enter raffle this weekend, and it’s now time to announce the winner!  Pulled at random, the winner of a free laser tattoo removal treatment is Sarabeth Madia.  We’ll be emailing you shortly Jennifer, thanks to everyone who entered.

The weather was much warmer this year compared to last, the wind blew some people around but overall the entire weekend was amazing.  We spent the entire time talking about how laser tattoo removal can help benefit cover-up tattoos and even a few who were seeking full removal.  Continuing to spread the knowledge of how this process works, setting realistic expectations and building relationships is at the core of what we’re all about.

We also got to see plenty of old friends, exchanged lots of high fives and met so many new friends!  Overall, an amazing experience.