Washington, D.C.

For some reason, law makers in our nations capitol want to regulate when and how you get tattooed and pierced.  This is ludicrous.  It will not only hurt business, but I fear it will call into question other walk-in style services.  Will a law be proposed to make customers wait a predefined time to have their hair dyed a non-traditional color, or to cut a Mohawk?  Would this law also effect all the mall piercing shops who do ear piercings, and have done so for decades?

ABC News quoted one customer as saying, “If somebody wants to come in as a walk-in, they’re going to pay for the service. That’s on them.” one customer said. “If they regret that decision down the road, that again is on them. It shouldn’t be up to the shop to regulate people’s poor decisions.”

The Washington Post quotes Najma Roberts, a spokeswoman for the Health Department, saying the new regulations were mandated by a law the council approved last year and are mainly intended to prevent “serious health risks.”

But no one is asking for this law.  Furthermore, in the tattoo removal industry, it’s beyond rare that a client comes in asking for a piece to be faded for a cover or totally removed because it was done one drunken night with my buddies and I woke up to see that new tattoo.  That’s a Hollywood misconception.

The public has 30 days to comment on the proposal.  Please click the link below to sign a petition on Change.org, your opinion matters and you should have the choice to modify your body when you want, where you want.

Update August 12, 2014:

Nearly a year has passed and this oddball law has actually progressed to a second draft and is currently awating Mayor Gray’s review and signature, along with the board of health. Key points updated to the draft are:

1.The proposed regulations require the use of “hollow” needles for tattooing, which do not exist. This would effectively make all tattooing a violation of the regulations.

2.The proposed regulations prohibit the use of manufacturers or suppliers not registered with the D.C. Department of Health. No tattoo suppliers are registered with the Department of Health and there are no instructions on how they can register. This would make ordering tattoo and piercing supplies a violation of the regulations.

3.The proposed regulations require the posting of signs informing consumers to report the business to the “Radiation Protection Division” of the D.C. Department of Health if they “believe” that they have “been injured” in the shop.

To reinforce this a bit more, it’s a law that no one is asking for.  There hasn’t been a public outcry for changes to be made nor has an outbreak of infectious disease in the city.  Furthermore, there is no infrastructure in place to maintain these absurd changes to the law.

As of now, 250 more signatures are needed.  Even if you don’t live within Washington D.C. I strongly encourage you to sign the petition to help block this harmful law to the tattoo community.  If this law passes, it could be the start of more laws coming to your local city where you will be directly affected.

Please take a moment of your time to sign the petition at change.org.