15 Jun 2016
June 15, 2016

U.S. Marine Corps Updates Tattoo Policy

The United States Marine Corps have just updated their tattoo policy, making it easier for those who are trying to enlist and enlisted to continue adding artwork to their bodies.  While we don’t agree with tattoo restrictions, we respect the governments guidelines and will continue to offer discounted tattoo removal for those who wish to enlist in any branch of the US military but can’t due to dress code policy.

MilitaryTimes has put together a visual guideline for tattoos, with some shown below.

Marine Corps Updates Tattoo Policy

Marine Corps Updates Tattoo Policy

Marine Corps Updates Tattoo Policy

Marine Corps Updates Tattoo Policy

See all the visual guides in this article. This is very promising for those who have been trying to enlist but had tattoos previously prohibited.

There are several exceptions though, including the following from Marine Corps Bulletin 1020 (PDF), dated June 2, 2016.

  • Special Duty Assignment (SDA) .  Marines are advised  there are future career implications regarding the application of tattoos.   A tattoo may not be specifically prohibited, but  could prevent future commissioning or duty assignments.
  • Enlisted Marines may  continue to  be assigned or  allowed to serve on Special Duty Assignment (SDA) if grandfathered by past policy.  Otherwise,  enlisted Marines will not be assigned or allowed to serve on SDA, specifically  Recruiting duty, Marine Security Guard duty, Drill Instructor  duty, Marine Corps Security Force duty, and Marine Combat  Instructor duty, if they have any tattoos visible outside  the  standard PT uniform that do not comply with this  Bulletin.
  • Enlisted Marines will not be allowed to serve as commissioned or warrant officers if their tattoos fail to comply with the tattoo guidelines prescribed for officers above.
  • Tattoo Removal. Marines that elect to have tattoos removed at their own expense may be reconsidered for SDA or  officer programs on a case – by – case basis.

While we’re thrilled at the less restrictive policy change with tattoos, we still remain positive that someone’s choice to decorate their body doesn’t prohibit their ability to represent America or do their job.  Hopefully the other branches will follow along, soon.

We will continue to offer tattoo removal discounts for those who are trying to enlist, active duty, vets and full time first responders.