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Please read over our COVID-19 Office Protocols & Procedures prior to your appointment.

Once an appointment is booked an email confirmation will be dispatched. 72-hours prior to your laser tattoo removal appointment we’ll send another email reminding you of the forthcoming appointment and if you so choose, a text message as well.

Important! Tattoo removal treatments cannot be done while you are tan or sunburn. We also require you to refrain from swimming, sun exposure and long periods in the heat (even if treated area is covered) for a minimum of 10 days following treatment.

For all appointments, please:

  • Bring photo ID / drivers license
  • Shave any hair covering or around your tattoo the night before
  • Avoid using any lotions or moisturizers prior to your appointment
  • Eat at least a few hours prior to your appointment
  • Wear comfortable clothing so we may easily access your tattoo
  • We cannot treat you with sunburn or if you’ve become very tan recently
  • If you’ve started taking new medication or your medication has changed please contact us immediately
  • Tattoos must be at least 3 months old and fully healed in order to start treatment
  • We cannot start or continue tattoo removal treatments if you have recently become pregnant or are breastfeeding
  • No children under the age of 13 are allowed in the treatment room. Please arrange for an adult to accompany any children in our waiting area while treatments are being performed

Payment is accepted via cash or credit card at our office.  Your credit card is only used to secure your appointment and will not be charged unless a no-show has occurred per our cancellation and missed appointment policy.  A no-show appointment will result in the card on file being charged $100.00.  By scheduling a tattoo removal treatment you agree to our terms of service and cancellation appointment policy, including authorization to charge the credit card on file $100.00.

Please review the cost of tattoo removal and available packages prior to coming into our office.

Rescheduling And Cancellations

Please call the office at 484.648.0048 to reschedule or cancel all appointments, changes cannot be made via email or social networking sites.

A minimum of 48-hour notice is required to reschedule or cancel any appointment otherwise without a fee of $100.00 will be charged. Providing more notice of appointment changes is appreciated and allows other clients to book the time slot.

GO! Tattoo Removal

I’ve been coming here for a few years now. This review is long overdue, but the amount of work I’ve had done here coupled with the satisfaction I’ve received from it should only serve to bolster the fact that there’s no better tattoo removal business that I’m aware of.

From their pricing, customer service, professionalism, communication, website design, scheduling system, newsletters and the sense of community they’ve created through the business - it is, top to bottom, an incredibly well oiled machine that positively impacts its clients in powerful, resounding ways.

I’m in the middle of about 40 hours of tattoos that I’m fading. I’ve had one of them covered up with what has become my new favorite tattoo. It’s been a long road, but now that I only have a handful of laser sessions left I am incredibly grateful for Mike and the team at GO! for being the stewards of my transformation. They’re helping me achieve the artistic vision I have despite the corrections necessary.

As much as I’ll be relieved to never have to go back here, I’ll also be a bit sad. Their service is that good.
I'm so happy to decided to make a consultation. I was expecting a high pressure sales pitch but that couldn't have been farther from reality. Mandi patiently answered all of my dumb questions that I'm sure she gets a thousand times a day. I never felt rushed or pressured. I had no intentions on actually getting the procedure done during the consultation. However, I had such a good feeling about it after she explained it so thoroughly I decided to go ahead and buy a package and get my first treatment right then and there.

Another positive thing I'd like to share - I was afraid I'd get pressured into buying a bunch of treatments with no refund policy (for example, buy 10, get 2 free). My tattoo is very old and faded so I honestly don't think I'm going to need a ton of treatments. I was happy to hear they have a very fair refund policy if it does take fewer sessions that anticipated.

And just a bit about the procedure itself - pain was minimal and was extremely brief (like 60 seconds total for the whole tattoo). Absolutely no after-effects whatsoever. Ten minutes after the procedure I had no pain, discomfort, blistering, etc. The tattoo was already significantly faded, otherwise I'd have even wondered if the treatment worked.

Very happy customer here, I highly recommend!
I can’t speak highly enough about Go! Tattoo Removal! They go above and beyond in every area...cleanliness, great price, scheduling, knowledge. Everyone there is incredibly professional, courteous, and comforting. Their facility is spotless and every area is sanitized before and after every treatment. Getting a tattoo removed is not a fun process but they make it as quick and easy as possible!
The employees at Go! are amazing, professional and very knowledgeable about what they do. I was skeptical at the beginning but after talking to Mike through email and him taking his time and being so patient explaining everything I felt so much better. He showed me that he cared. Making my appointment was super easy and the procedure was fast and easy to bear. These people are the best and the best in the Lehigh Valley with reasonable prices as well.
I have been putting off tattoo removal for a very long time because of pain (first and foremost) among different reasons. Desiree was very transparent and honest about the pain level, gave me options to stop or take breaks (if I needed to), let me feel the laser before going all in, and went at my speed. She was patient, nonjudgmental and I never once felt uncomfortable or nervous. After my first appointment yesterday, I am finally feeling optimistic about tattoo removal, instead of completely dreading it. I also have the option to start the removal process on a large, colored piece on my side simultaneously with the removal of my ankle tattoo. For the same price, in the same office appointment. That's INCREDIBLE. I would highly highly recommend this business to anyone interested in tattoo removal. I only wish I started this sooner!!