Schedule A Laser Tattoo Removal Appointment

Schedule a laser tattoo removal when it is convenient for you. Once an appointment is booked an email confirmation will be dispatched.  72-hours prior to your laser tattoo removal appointment we’ll send another email reminding you of the forthcoming appointment and if you so choose, a text message as well.

Important! Tattoo removal treatments cannot be done while you are tan or sunburn.  We also require you to stay out of the heat, direct sun, pools, oceans and jacuzzis for a minimum of 10 days following treatment. Please schedule accordingly for summer and vacations.

For all appointments, please:

  • Bring photo ID / drivers license
  • Shave any hair covering or around your tattoo the night before
  • Avoid using any lotions or moisturizers prior to your appointment
  • Eat at least a few hours prior to your appointment
  • Wear comfortable clothing so we may easily access your tattoo
  • We cannot treat you with sunburn or if you’ve become very tan recently
  • If you’ve started taking new medication or your  medication has changed please contact us immediately
  • Tattoos must be at least 3 months old and fully healed in order to start treatment
  • We cannot start or continue tattoo removal treatments if you have recently become pregnant or are breastfeeding
  • No children under the age of 13 are allowed in the treatment room. Please arrange for an adult to accompany any children in our waiting area while treatments are being performed

Payment is accepted via cash or credit card at our office.  Your credit card is only used to secure your appointment and will not be charged unless a no-show has occurred per our cancellation and missed appointment policy.  A no-show appointment will result in the card on file being charged $100.00.  By scheduling a tattoo removal treatment you agree to our terms of service and cancellation appointment policy.

Please review the cost and pricing of tattoo removal prior to coming into our office.

We require a minimum of 48-hour notice to cancel or reschedule any appointment, without a fee being charged. We appreciate as much notice as possible to reschedule or cancel your appointment,

To cancel or reschedule an appointment with less than 48-hour notice, please call our office at 484.648.0048 (a fee may be charged).  Appointments with less than 48-hour notice cannot be cancelled via email or via any social networking sites.