Chances are you’ve probably seen the photo above at some point on Tumblr, Reddit, Instagram, Facebook or one of the other social network site.  It is an extremely popular meme, usually with Don’t Discriminate and a short bio on Dr. David Ores, aka Dr. Dave.  What you probably didn’t know is that Dr. Dave is a very real Dr. and has been working in Manhattan’s Lower East Side for the last 20 years in a way which we only wish more would.

Shortly after we opened our doors we were approached to participate along with a select few other laser tattoo removal providers to offer no-cost tattoo removal for ex-cons, former gang members and survivors of human trafficking.  We quickly jumped on board and are proud of our affiliate with Fresh Start Tattoo Removal, Dr. Dave’s other project.

For the last 20 years, Dr. Dave has had an office in a building that held non-profit status, forgoing the need for him to pay property tax.  The building owners hold the J-51 tax abatement and are responsible for applying for it yearly.  Three years ago, for whatever reason, they didn’t and now Dr. Dave is being bullied out of his office unless he pays $30,000 in back taxes.

I will challenge this in court, but I can get evicted in the meantime. With the help of a lawyer, I held off eviction one week ago and my new court date is July 29th. I need to pay all or most of these NYC taxes to stay here… and THEN I will research/investigate what happened to our J -51 tax abatement and why it went away. Or was never in place. Does not seem kosher to me. If I had that money, I would just pay it, but I don’t.

For everyone who says the health care system has run a muck and those in need of care can’t get it, people like Dr. Dave are out there.  He offers a What You Can Pay Wednesday for anyone who comes in. When you call his office, you’ll either talk directly to him or get his personal voice mail, because he has no staff.

What’s happening now and what you can help with is a court appearance scheduled for July 29, 2014, where Dr. Dave is hoping to pay the back taxes and stay at his current location.  If he can do that, he’ll fight in the courts to find out why the J-51 abatement fell through the cracks and work towards correcting this.  You can help by making a small donation.  New York City residents (or those willing to travel) who donate $100 or more will get a free office visit with Dr. Dave.

Please, whip out your credit card and help Dr. Dave save his practice from eviction.  Donate here.

Update July 28, 2014: Dr. Dave reached his goal and proudly holds a check about to be deposited into escrow for the July 29th court date.

Dr. David Ores

Update July 29th, 2014: From Dr. Dave

Housing Court this AM: two lawyers talked. Case adjourned until Sept 5th. They think they can arrive at an agreement and settle out of court. All donated funds are in escrow and will be used to pay comm taxes as part of eventual settlement. NOT getting evicted if we can settle.

If you’d like to learn more about what Dr. Dave offers at his office, give a listen to the recent radio interview on The Morning After, it might change your mind on the health care system.