Protecting Your Tattoos Is Now Easier Than Ever Before Thanks To Hanes

Spring is here and summer is right around the corner, which means it’s time to finally wake up from winter hibernation and get outside to do fun stuff.  With that comes the responsibility of protecting our skin and tattoos.  Chances are you’ve been burned by the sun at some point, either from not applying sunscreen evenly for full coverage, forgetting to reapply after being in a pool or the ocean or simply not putting it on in the first place.   There are also the times when you don’t always think to put it on, like long walks with the dog after work, or don’t want to be a gooey mess while mountain bike riding or swinging golf clubs.

HanesGreat news!  Hanes, mostly commonly known for the long running undershirt commercials with Michael Jordan, has recently released a line of new products that have UV protection embedded into the fabric!  For men,women and children, short sleeve and long, regular style tees and performance based tees with wicking, called their Cool Dri line. These shirts can help protect your skin from harmful UV rays and keep your tattoos looking bright and fresh without the need to apply and reapply sunscreen several times throughout the day.

For heavily tattooed people, the Hanes long sleeve shirts, specifically in white or lighter colors can be a wonderful alternative to covering in towels while laying on the beach.  Of course, protecting your skin year round during laser tattoo removal treatments is also crucial, we strongly suggest utilizing these shirts for our clients who are currently being treated, or are considered tattoo fading and removal.

Please note, it’s still strongly suggested a quality sunscreen be used on hands, necks and faces, as well as lower legs when exposed to the sun. If you’d like to go the extra step to protect your tattoos, Coppertone Tattoo Guard might be for you.  Additionally, the temperature outside and cloud cover should not be a deciding factor as to whether or not you apply sunscreen or wear UV embedded clothing.  It’s just as easy to become sunburned on days that are cloudy and in the 70’s as full sun and in the 90’s.