07 Dec 2015
December 7, 2015

PicoSure Tattoo Removal Laser Is Now Here!

The PicoSure laser is the first major breakthrough in tattoo removal technology in well over 20 years.  Up until recently, the gold standard has been Q-Switch Nd:YAG lasers, like what we’ve been using and having great results with (check out these photos!). We’ve taken a lot of pride in building and establishing a technique that results in really great tattoo removal outcomes; at the same time earning the trust and respect of our clients to build solid relationships.

Everything GO! Tattoo Removal has done since we opened in 2012 has been geared towards achieving the best results while offering the best possible experience.  It is for this reason we started to seriously look at the PicoSure laser back in February.  We had a lot of questions, our expectations are high and we wanted to make sure that getting a PicoSure laser in our office would not only be the right fit, but offer the best results for our clients.  It was a long process, in the end we decided to pull the trigger.

What is a PicoSure Laser And Why Should I Care?

PicoSure Laser Tattoo Removal in Allentown, PA

In easy to understand, not overly technical talk, the main advantage to the PicoSure over our existing Medlite C6 Q-Switch Nd:YAG laser is a shorter burst of light at a previously unavailable wavelength to better target blue, green and purple pigments.  This shorter burst of light enables the pigment particles that make up tattoos to be fractured into even smaller pieces than our Medlite C6 resulting in more fading between treatments of these nearly impossible to remove colors.  Prior to PicoSure, fading blue, green and purple pigments was difficult and removal was near impossible.

Why Did You Wait So Long To Get A PicoSure?

As with any major purchase in a business, we wanted to make sure it was the right tool for the job and made the most sense for you, our client.  Now that the PicoSure has been out and in-use globally for a little over three years, we were able to talk with colleagues and get their real world feedback to help ensure this decision was the right one.  We waited so long because at the end of the day, we want you, our client, to be happy in your skin.  How we get there shouldn’t matter and you shouldn’t have to choose one technology over another.

Will I Be Treated By The PicoSure When I Come In?

In a word, maybe.  Our experience has proven the PicoSure to be the best laser for blue, green and purple pigments, or pigments that have been mixed with or contain these three colors.

The PicoSure is not always the best choice for every tattoo on every client though. Specifically tattoos with red, orange, brown and lots of black pigments are better suited for treatment by our Medlite C6.

A skin assessment needs to be done and some clients simply won’t benefit from the PicoSure. During a consultation we may advise you that both lasers will be needed at alternating office visits, most commonly for bright, colorful and complex tattoos. When this is the case, we will do explain why we’re using the Medlite C6 and explain the positive and negative aspects of treating you with each machine.

Are You Keeping The Other Laser?

Yes, we are!  While the PicoSure is an amazing laser, we believe that having the best tool for the job is what matters most, and not putting all of our eggs into one basket.  For that reason, we are keeping the Medlite C6, it’s been our workhorse for years!  It has performed amazingly well for us since we opened in 2012 and it won’t be going into retirement anytime soon.

How Much Will The PicoSure Treatments Cost?

As of publish date, we do not have intentions to change our pricing structure.  After a lot of number crunching and projections, we do not feel it’s right to charge clients based on the color their tattoos.  Because of that, our flat-rate tattoo removal cost will remain at $200 per treatment.

I Have Unused Gift Cards & Treatments, Now What?

Schedule a tattoo removal appointment!  Really, that’s it.

My Tattoo Fading Is Slow. Is PicoSure Worth A Shot?

Possibly!  Every tattoo on every person is unique, and how they fade with laser tattoo removal treatment will vary from case to case.  We often see tattoos done on two individuals by the same person fade at different rates and two tattoos on the same person by the same artist, fade at different rates.

Pigment density, location on the body, tattoo machine selection, colors used, the immune system of the client, laser tattoo removal technique, time between treatments and the technology used are all variables.

I’ve Been Treated Elsewhere.  Will You Treat Me?

We can, yes!  We understand people move, relocate or the clinic they were going to is no longer in business.  Because of the many variables with tattoo removal treatments previously done, we offer free consultations to discuss the course of treatment that best suits your needs.  It’s best to call our office to discuss with us prior to scheduling an appointment for these cases.  For out of town clients, we can typically do most of the consultation via phone for your convenience.

PicoSure Laser Tattoo Removal Progress