Laser Tattoo Removal Cost & Pricing

Tattoo Removal Cost

Single tattoo removal treatment: $200

Tattoo Removal Packages

3 treatments, 10% discount: pay $540 and save $60
5 treatments, 20% discount: pay $800 and save $200

Tattoo removal costs are a factor in starting to remove or fade a tattoo but our flat rate pricing and easy to understand pre-paid packages takes the mystery out of planning.

Breaking the trend in the cost of tattoo removal, GO! Tattoo Removal does not charge per square inch, or add additional costs based on tattoo location, the colors in the tattoo or if multiple tattoos are treated at one office visit.

But what if I have multiple tattoos I want removed?  We treat every client individually, but whenever possible we’ll treat them at the same time, for the same flat rate price. There are limits on the overall size and number of tattoos per treatment because healing and aftercare are extremely important. These situations make up only a small portion of our total clients and during free consultations we’ll explain what can and cannot be done.

I have my entire back / arm / leg that I want removed, is it the same price? There is a limit to what we can treat in an office visit to ensure proper healing and recovery.  Fully saturated back pieces will be segmented into 3 or 4 treatment areas, each one requiring a separate office visit approximately 8-10 weeks apart.  Likewise, fully saturated sleeve tattoos require 4 to 5 segments, fully saturated large chest pieces require 2 segments.  During an initial consultation we will inform you of these suggested treatment protocols and schedule your following appointments appropriately.

My tattoo is multiple colors, does that cost more to remove? No, we don’t charge by the number of colors you have in your tattoo or which laser is used.

My tattoo is extremely small, how much will it cost to fade / remove? Our flat rate pricing covers most all tattoos, but there are circumstances that we will adjust pricing at our discretion for extremely small pieces.

Frequently asked laser tattoo removal questions is a great resource page we’ve created to help get the answers you’re seeking.  We’re also available to discuss specific questions or help better explain the process, simply contact us.

There are no hidden costs, fees or up-charges.  The only thing you will ever pay for during an office visit is the tattoo removal treatment and Redemption aftercare.

A discounted tattoo removal cost is available for all branches of the American military and full time first responders. Please inquire for more information.

Gift cards are available for purchase from our online shop and mailed in discrete envelopes in case the recipient lives with you.

Tattoo removal consultations are always free and in most cases can be done over the phone when not local.  Schedule a consultation and / or your first treatment with us today!

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GO! Tattoo Removal

The best way I can express how great my experience has been with GO! Tattoo Removal is that I am currently trying to figure out a date when I can fly back from Phoenix, AZ to get another treatment done. I’ve had two treatments completed so far while I was living in New York and not only were they cost effective, but also extremely knowledgeable, clean, courteous, and the list goes on. They provide realistic expectations of the treatments and after only two sessions I have already noticed fading on my WAY TOO HEAVY tattoos. Mike always makes me feel 100% comfortable there and as an added bonus is full of extremely helpful travel tips! I only wish they were closer...perhaps a Phoenix location in the future 😃?
Mike and Dominique provided a positive, professional, knowledgeable and personable experience. Despite the hour drive each way for me to get there, it was WELL WORTH IT and I am honored to recommend them to anyone and everyone interested in tattoo removal. It doesn't tickle, FYI, but is a bearable experience with a reward when treatment is completed.
I have a tattoo that I've wanted to get rid of since the day I got it. GO Tattoo Removal was highly recommended to me by a tattoo artist/studio owner. I booked an appointment immediately and I'm so happy that I did! The office is an easy drive on 78 from where I live in NJ. It is easy to find and has ample parking. The office is extremely clean and professional looking. I was treated by Yong. She explained the removal procedure thoroughly and set realistic expectations for the process and final outcome. The procedure itself was slightly more uncomfortable than getting tattooed. I ended up starting the removal process on 4 of my 8 tattoos because I'm just kind of over them at this point and the flat rate fee of $200 is unbeatable! After the treatment, Yong went over aftercare in detail. She was welcoming, professional, knowledgeable and kind. I'm looking forward to my next treatment which is already booked!
I had a great experience here. Mike, was very nice, helpful, and he knew everything about his process, equipment, and was more than happy to answer all of my questions. I would happily recommend This business to anyone who asks.
I am not a current/ active client but had such tremendous customer interactions with the owner Mike, I felt compelled to share this experience with anyone considering placing your business and trust over to this company.

Without any expectation of compensation, Mike exchanges time intensive and thoughtfully thorough responses to questions I had about the removal process. I am four sessions in to a removal and was unsure about the progress, procedure and outcome I am experiencing.

After exchanging these emails I can HIGHLY recommend Go Tattoo Removal to ANYONE in the market for laser removal. The impression I am left with is that not only does Mike know what he is talking about and doing, he cares about people looking for this service and places the best interests of clients at the top. His is candid and helpful in addition to being reasonably priced, which is of itself already better than countless other vendors in the removal business.

Speak with him and see for yourself. I plan to book with them in the future.