Laser Tattoo Removal Cost & Pricing

Tattoo Removal Cost

Single tattoo removal treatment: $200

Tattoo Removal Packages

3 treatments, 10% discount: pay $540 and save $60
5 treatments, 20% discount: pay $800 and save $200

Tattoo removal costs are a factor in starting to remove or fade a tattoo but our flat rate pricing and easy to understand pre-paid packages takes the mystery out of planning.

Breaking the trend in the cost of tattoo removal, GO! Tattoo Removal does not charge per square inch, or add additional costs based on tattoo location, the colors in the tattoo or if multiple tattoos are treated at one office visit.

But what if I have multiple tattoos I want removed?  We treat every client individually, but whenever possible we’ll treat them at the same time, for the same flat rate price. There are limits on the overall size and number of tattoos per treatment because healing and aftercare are extremely important. These situations make up only a small portion of our total clients and during free consultations we’ll explain what can and cannot be done.

I have my entire back / arm / leg that I want removed, is it the same price? There is a limit to what we can treat in an office visit to ensure proper healing and recovery.  Fully saturated back pieces will be segmented into 3 or 4 treatment areas, each one requiring a separate office visit approximately 8-10 weeks apart.  Likewise, fully saturated sleeve tattoos require 4 to 5 segments, fully saturated large chest pieces require 2 segments.  During an initial consultation we will inform you of these suggested treatment protocols and schedule your following appointments appropriately.

My tattoo is multiple colors, does that cost more to remove? No, we don’t charge by the number of colors you have in your tattoo or which laser is used.

My tattoo is extremely small, how much will it cost to fade / remove? Our flat rate pricing covers most all tattoos, but there are circumstances that we will adjust pricing at our discretion for extremely small pieces.

Frequently asked laser tattoo removal questions is a great resource page we’ve created to help get the answers you’re seeking.  We’re also available to discuss specific questions or help better explain the process, simply contact us.

There are no hidden costs, fees or up-charges.  The only thing you will ever pay for during an office visit is the tattoo removal treatment and Redemption aftercare.

A discounted tattoo removal cost is available for all branches of the American military and full time first responders. Please inquire for more information.

Gift cards are available for purchase from our online shop and mailed in discrete envelopes in case the recipient lives with you.

Tattoo removal consultations are always free and in most cases can be done over the phone when not local.  Schedule a consultation and / or your first treatment with us today!

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GO! Tattoo Removal

I can't say enough good things about Go Tattoo Removal. I have waited many years to start the removal process, and after being treated here, I will never go anywhere else. I started the process last year in a different state and ended up with scars. The facility I used burned my skin severely and caused scarring and significant pain. Go Tattoo removal is very knowledgeable and are helping me move forward with this process in a compassionate, professional way. My experience at Go! is completely opposite of what I experienced with the other facility. I feel very comfortable there and valued as a client. I appreciate how affordable they make this service. I highly recommend this team to fade or remove unwanted tattoos!
I’ve been coming here for a few years now. This review is long overdue, but the amount of work I’ve had done here coupled with the satisfaction I’ve received from it should only serve to bolster the fact that there’s no better tattoo removal business that I’m aware of.

From their pricing, customer service, professionalism, communication, website design, scheduling system, newsletters and the sense of community they’ve created through the business - it is, top to bottom, an incredibly well oiled machine that positively impacts its clients in powerful, resounding ways.

I’m in the middle of about 40 hours of tattoos that I’m fading. I’ve had one of them covered up with what has become my new favorite tattoo. It’s been a long road, but now that I only have a handful of laser sessions left I am incredibly grateful for Mike and the team at GO! for being the stewards of my transformation. They’re helping me achieve the artistic vision I have despite the corrections necessary.

As much as I’ll be relieved to never have to go back here, I’ll also be a bit sad. Their service is that good.
I'm so happy to decided to make a consultation. I was expecting a high pressure sales pitch but that couldn't have been farther from reality. Mandi patiently answered all of my dumb questions that I'm sure she gets a thousand times a day. I never felt rushed or pressured. I had no intentions on actually getting the procedure done during the consultation. However, I had such a good feeling about it after she explained it so thoroughly I decided to go ahead and buy a package and get my first treatment right then and there.

Another positive thing I'd like to share - I was afraid I'd get pressured into buying a bunch of treatments with no refund policy (for example, buy 10, get 2 free). My tattoo is very old and faded so I honestly don't think I'm going to need a ton of treatments. I was happy to hear they have a very fair refund policy if it does take fewer sessions that anticipated.

And just a bit about the procedure itself - pain was minimal and was extremely brief (like 60 seconds total for the whole tattoo). Absolutely no after-effects whatsoever. Ten minutes after the procedure I had no pain, discomfort, blistering, etc. The tattoo was already significantly faded, otherwise I'd have even wondered if the treatment worked.

Very happy customer here, I highly recommend!
I can’t speak highly enough about Go! Tattoo Removal! They go above and beyond in every area...cleanliness, great price, scheduling, knowledge. Everyone there is incredibly professional, courteous, and comforting. Their facility is spotless and every area is sanitized before and after every treatment. Getting a tattoo removed is not a fun process but they make it as quick and easy as possible!
The employees at Go! are amazing, professional and very knowledgeable about what they do. I was skeptical at the beginning but after talking to Mike through email and him taking his time and being so patient explaining everything I felt so much better. He showed me that he cared. Making my appointment was super easy and the procedure was fast and easy to bear. These people are the best and the best in the Lehigh Valley with reasonable prices as well.