20 May 2013
May 20, 2013

I Just Got A Tattoo And I Hate It…

Live With No Regrets

…what are my options?  Over the last few months we’ve had a rise in phone calls asking this very question, typically one day to a week after being tattooed.  We’re taking some time to explain what your options are, how to get you happy with your skin again and where laser tattoo removal fits into the equation.

Is the tattoo finished?  if not, perhaps having another meeting with your artist to discuss the direction of the piece, where it’s going and what the final artwork will look like is needed.  Sometimes it’s hard to visualize what a finished tattoo will look like when it’s only an outline, and the artist can explain how it will progress and show you their previous work to help you see the final piece better.

Tattoo in progress

Can your finished tattoo be modified? If the tattoo is finished and you still aren’t happy with it, can it be modified or added to, either by your existing artist or a new artist to get you happy with it?  Depending on the location of the tattoo on your body and the size of your tattoo, this may be an option for you to consider.

It can be hard to visualize a very large piece that’s shown flat as a drawing by an artist, in three-dimensions on your skin, and customers will often ask their artist to shrink the work down a bit.  After the tattoo is done, it can sometimes be a little more apparent that larger was better.  In this case, adding to the existing tattoo might make more sense.

This tattoo isn’t for me, I no longer want it. When finishing or adding to a tattoo is not an option we can start discussing laser tattoo removal.  In order to start tattoo removal, the tattoo and skin must be fully healed, this typically will take 10-12 weeks for most people.  During this time, we encourage all potential clients to re-visit the two previous suggestions.  Additionally, attention to aftercare that your artist provided with you is critical, please follow through with every step and for as long as they suggest.

When their aftercare is over, we strongly suggest applying sunblock to all exposed skin (regardless of outside temperature) several times a day, with a minimum SPF of 25.  If your tattoo is on your forearm, hands, neck or other very exposed portion of your body, we suggest using Coppertone Tattoo Guard.  For all other tattoos, apply unscented, alcohol free lotion 2-3 times per day to keep the skin hydrated.  Drinking water will also be beneficial leading up to your first treatment.

I want to get this covered up as soon as possible.  Your new tattoo isn’t for you but you’ve spoken with an artist who can cover it up; laser tattoo removal can still be a beneficial process to go through.  Most cover-ups tend to be rather dark and can often be 2-5 times the size of your original piece.  This is because the artist needs to hide your tattoo inside another one.

When a similar sized tattoo cover-up is desired, or a lighter design is the goal, having a few laser tattoo removal treatments before hand can really give your artist the freedom to complete the goal.  An 8-12 week healing period from the time of the initial tattoo is still required for these partial-removal treatments.

Consider partial tattoo removal.  GO! Tattoo Removal can offer partial tattoo removal or fading to help facilitate the tattoo you really want.  We don’t have to treat the entire tattoo, often times there’s only a portion that needs treatment to add onto what you have.  Perhaps one aspect of our business that sets us apart is the ability to work with you and your tattoo artist to get your skin prepared for their artwork.