09 Dec 2013
December 9, 2013

Getting Better Results Between Treatments

Tattoo Removal Progress

Fiction: The laser used during treatment removes tattoos.

Fact: The laser facilitates the tattoo fading, your immune system does approximately 90% of the fading process.  We’ve already covered how tattoos are removed, but a commonly asked question is What can be done between treatments to get better fading?

The simplest answer to achieving ore fading between laser tattoo removal treatments is to treat your body as well as you possibly can.  Eat quality food, stay hydrated, be active.  Because that is a sort of generic answer, we’ve outlined the key factors that can be done to help ensure each treatment is as successful as possible.


Water.  Lots of water.  US News Health & Wellness says Your body needs water to function, and your immune system is no exception. We agree.  Water will always be our first suggestion but adding in water-logged fruits and vegetables will also help.  SFGate has a list a wonderful list of foods to start eating to help hydration.

No Smoking

Quit smoking.  We all know it’s bad, the warning signs are right on the pack of cigarettes.  It’s not cool anymore and is banned in virtually all public places.  More to the point, The Wall Street Journal has reported that smoking can reduce by 70% the chance of successfully removing a tattoo after 10 treatments.

Healthy Food

Eat smarter.  Prevention magazine has published 9 power foods that boost immunity, nothing on this list is some specialized food that will cost you an arm & leg and a trip to a specialized food purveyor on the other side of town.  Some simple changes in your diet can help speed recovery and increase fading.

Sleeping Cat

Sleep is important. Don’t skimp out on the easiest way to maintain a quality and healthy immune system, the length and quality of sleep you get will have a direct impact.  The immune system is doing all the heavy work of removing tattoo pigment, a recent Healthline article says, Even a small loss of sleep has been shown to impair immune function.  Having trouble falling asleep?  HuffPost has 15 tips to fall asleep faster for ya!