Fresh Start Tattoo Removal Program Partners with GO! Tattoo Removal

Dr. David OresA few months ago we received an email on behalf of Dr. David Ores, a New York City doctor who has an unconventional way of operating his business, one that favors treatment to clients before insurances and red tape.  This particular email was to ask if we’d be interested in providing laser tattoo removal services on behalf of his 501(c)(3) charity, Fresh Start Tattoo Removal Program.

Elated that a charity from a major city was asking us to partner with them, we immediately said yes and started to work out some of the details.  When GO! Tattoo Removal was just an idea, Marcus and Mike discussed at a very early stage what we could do to give back to the community.  Up until an email this past summer, we had been stonewalled or come up empty handed in our quest.  Dr. Ores helped provide a solution for us.

Fresh Start Tattoo Removal was started by Dr. Ores in 2006 to, remove unwanted tattoos off the faces, hands and necks of former inmates, ex-street gang members, and survivors of human trafficking. Additionally, tattoo removal helps people to overcome a very large barrier to employment and as a result, change their lives for the better.

Currently, Dr. Ores does not have a functioning laser to perform tattoo removal, his charity is raising money to fund one now.  Not wanting to just constrain his desire to help people to New York City, Dr. Ores has reached out to us and a handful of other laser providers around the country to partner with him, help provide services and raise awareness.

Learn more about Fresh Start Tattoo Removal Program from the website, make a donation directly to help fund a new laser or spread the word of their official Facebook page.

*If you are in need of treatment and believe the Fresh Start Tattoo Removal Program can help you, please contact Fresh Start directly.  GO! Tattoo Removal cannot start treatment on any applicant until they have been registered and approved by Fresh Start.