Free Radiation Tattoo Removal

Free Breast Cancer Survivor Radiation Tattoo RemovalOctober is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, where we see more pink banners and ribbons than any other time during the year.  Cancer doesn’t stop for the other 11 months of the year though, and neither does the stories of survivors.

Meet Michelle, she’s a breast cancer survivor and living life to the fullest since receiving a clean bill of health in 2001.  She came in  to offer moral support for someone getting a tattoo faded and after talking, she mentioned that she was a survivor, but still had a small tattooed dot left on her chest from where the radiation machine was aligned as she was treated.  A constant reminder of the battle she won.

Many people keep these small tattooed dots as a survivor mark, but we think living a full and active life after being cancer is  a big enough mark.  For the last dozen years, Michelle has been reminded of her battle, until coming in to have us remove her radiation tattoo mark.

Cancer Free for 8 Years

Patricia has been cancer-free for 8 years now, and the day before her 72nd birthday we removed the radiation dot tattoo she had on her chest.  We wish her many, many more birthdays to come, no free from cancer and the small tattoo left on her.

Angela, cancer survivor

Angela has beaten cancer and is now ready to live the rest of her life, without the memory left from her radiation treatments.

Free Radiation Tattoo Removal Marker Cancer

Pam beat cancer back in 2011 and after a quick treatment, the market is now behind her, too!

Kimberly, breast cancer survivor

Kimberly has been in remission for just over 7 months and is ready to put the marker dots behind her!

GO! Tattoo Removal is proud to offer free radiation tattoo removal of dots for all survivors.  The small tattoo is typically fully removed with just one treatment, due to how they are applied.

If you’re a survivor and have a radiation tattoo dot, please contact us to setup a free consultation and treatment.