27 Jan 2015
January 27, 2015

Extensive Facial Tattoo Removal Treatment

This client is heavily modified and has decided to change their look in order to facilitate further modifications. This is their first laser tattoo removal treatment on half of their face, we treated both sides during the same visit. Most full removals will require 10-12 treatments over a one and a half to 2 year period.

The white “frosting” that appears immediately during the treatment is water vapor, a byproduct of the treatment. Within 10 minutes, this fades and is not a burn or blister.  Towards the end of the his laser tattoo removal video you’ll see it fading near the client’s forehead, as that was the first place we started.

In the left hand of this video is a hose, it’s a cryo-chiller, a device that blows extremely cold air onto the skin before and during a treatment to help reduce any short-term swelling, a common side effect. It is not a vacuum.

The laser tattoo removal video seen here was filmed in real time, showing just how fast tattoo removal treatments are.

Updated Progress Photos