Not All Sunscreen Is Equal | Protecting Your Tattoos & Skin Year Round

Summer is here, vacations have started and trips to the beach and even just the backyard to layout and get some sun and vitamin D are in full effect.  It’s also time to understand a little more about how to protect your skin and tattoos when you’re exposed to the sun, and this applies year.. read more →

05 Jun 2013
June 5, 2013

Old Vs. New, Which Tattoos Fade Faster?

Old Vs. New, Which Tattoos Fade Faster?

Tattoos will almost always fade slightly over time, but this article isn’t about natural fading.  Of the most frequently asked questions we get, those about the age of tattoos are becoming more and more common.  We’re going to explain how this relates to laser tattoo removal treatment and provide answers that will help set realistic.. read more →

20 May 2013
May 20, 2013

I Just Got A Tattoo And I Hate It…

Live With No Regrets

…what are my options?  Over the last few months we’ve had a rise in phone calls asking this very question, typically one day to a week after being tattooed.  We’re taking some time to explain what your options are, how to get you happy with your skin again and where laser tattoo removal fits into.. read more →

09 Apr 2013
April 9, 2013

We Are On Instagram!

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It’s hard to deny the popularity of Instagram, or meet someone who isn’t constantly taking photos, what they’re eating or where they are, or cats, all to share.  We too love to eat, travel and our animals, but we also see a great use for connecting with our clients and potential clients by showing what.. read more →

05 Mar 2013
March 5, 2013

We Are On Pinterest!

Because we know not everyone these days uses Facebook or Google+, and in an attempt to keep up with social media’s ever changing landscape, we’re now on Pinterest.  We will be adding in-progress photos, before and afters as people complete treatment and showing you the great artwork that people are getting after they lighten tattoos.. read more →