This past weekend we returned to the Philadelphia Tattoo Arts Festival for our fifth year in Philadelphia, PA. So good to reconnect with old friends and make new ones, both tattoo artists and clients. Building solid relationships is what our business is all about. This year was amazingly warm but didn’t stop the flow of.. read more →

12 Feb 2019
February 12, 2019

Laser Tattoo Removal Of A Lion Half Sleeve

The first treatment in the fading of this lion tattoo so the client can re-work their half sleeve with something new and fresh. An average of 2-5 treatments will be needed to achieve enough fading for this to be possible. The white “frosting” that appears immediately after the the laser is water vapor, a byproduct.. read more →

10 Feb 2019
February 10, 2019

2019 Philadelphia Tattoo Arts Convention

We are returning for our fifth year to the annual Philadelphia Tattoo Convention in Philadelphia, PA. Our booth will be set up to answer your questions about tattoo removal, explain the laser tattoo removal process, and give some information about why you should think about having a tattoo faded prior to getting a cover-up. Education.. read more →

We recently had EastCoastCreep, a new client and YouTuber, in our office to start tattoo removal of a shoulder cap she isn’t happy with.  This vlog gives some insight from a client’s perspective, why she’s having it removed, what it was like leading up to the appointment and what it’s been like in the three.. read more →

YouTuber EastCoastCreep was unhappy with how her shoulder piece came out and decided to have us start the process of removing it. This is the first video. Watch her vlog and learn about the experience she had in our office at The white “frosting” that appears immediately after the the laser is water vapor,.. read more →