20 May 2015
May 20, 2015

Qcknd’s Laser Tattoo Removal Vlog

Qcknd is a content creator on YouTube and an avid tattoo collector.  Part of her updates includes a pretty extensive body modification journey, answering questions that many have prior to going down the road of becoming heavily modified, how she feels leading up to the appointments, how the procedures and treatments are in office, then short and long term updates.  These include not only tattooing, but scarification and earlobe reconstruction.  Now laser tattoo removal treatments are part of her vlog; we’re fading some pieces so they can be reworked into new tattoos.

This vlog entry details her first trip to our offices, what it’s like going through the laser tattoo removal process and later through the day how she feels and what’s going through her mind.

We understand you have a lot of questions about laser tattoo removal and we do our best to explain everything.  Sometimes getting an unbiased view from our client’s can really help solidify your choice to not only start tattoo removal, but to choose GO! Tattoo Removal.  We hope to continue sharing these client-made vlogs with you in the future.

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