This client was in for their 3rd and most likely, last laser tattoo removal treatment.  Their goal was to fade a 20-ish year old tattoo so their artist could start a new piece and give them exactly what they want.  Progress photos are included in the video to show how effective laser tattoo removal treatments are.

The white “frosting” that appears immediately during the treatment is water vapor, a byproduct of the treatment. Within 10 minutes, this fades and is not a burn or blister.

The laser tattoo removal video seen here was filmed in real time, showing just how fast tattoo removal treatments are.

Many of our clients are referrals from tattoo artists, for us to fade older or unfinished tattoos and make room for new ones.  The average number of tattoo removal treatments to facilitate a cover-up is 2-5.  The number varies based on a number of factors, which we will cover during an initial consult and is a continuous discussion with your tattoo artist.  Working together with artists will always ensure you get the best possible tattoo without compromise.