This client is having us fade their right half sleeve, black and grey stippled tattoo so more options for a cover-up with little to no compromise to the art can be done. Usually 2-5 treatments will be needed to achieve enough fading that virtually anything can be tattooed over this. The white “frosting” that appears.. read more →

12 Jun 2018
June 12, 2018

Laser Tattoo Removal Inside A Lower Lip

Inner lower lip tattoos often fade quickly on their own but not always. This client has chosen to start the process of having theirs removed. Usually these tattoos take about half as many treatments as tattoos done elsewhere on the body; An average of 4-6 treatments will be needed. The white “frosting” that appears immediately.. read more →

04 Jun 2018
June 4, 2018

Laser Tattoo Removal On An Ankle

This client has started the process of removing their ankle tattoo. An average of 10-12 treatments are needed and the process will typically take 2-3 years. The white “frosting” that appears immediately after the the laser is water vapor, a byproduct of the laser tattoo removal treatment.  Within 10 minutes, this fades and is not.. read more →