This was our first year doing The Visionary Tattoo Arts Festival, in Asbury Park, NJ.  So good to reconnect with old friends and meet new people who we hope to build solid relationships with, both clients and tattoo artists.  It also didn’t hurt the convention was held on the boardwalk! We got into town the.. read more →

2015 Visionary Tattoo Arts Festival | Asbury Park, NJ

This is our first year attending the Visionary Tattoo Arts Festival in Asbury Park, NJ and we’re really excited! Our booth will be setup to answer your questions about tattoo removal, explain the laser tattoo removal process and give some information about why you should think about having a tattoo faded prior to getting a.. read more →

This client has a tattoo they no longer want and came to use to start laser tattoo removal. This is the first treatment of what we expect could be 10-12 to remove, over about a one and a half to two year period. The white “frosting” that appears immediately during the treatment is water vapor,.. read more →