Wrap Up: 2015 Electric City Tattoo Convention | Scranton PA

Our second year doing The Electric City Tattoo Convention, in downtown Scranton, PA.  So good to reconnect with old friends and meet new people who we hope to build solid relationships with, both clients and tattoo artists. The drive to Scranton is always beautiful, and the weather through the mountains seems to make the best.. read more →

Houston, Texas based tattoo artist Mason Chimato was in town for a guest spot and made some time to come to our office for some tattoo removal treatments. He wasn’t happy with how his collar rocker or stomach tattoos looked a few years after getting them and has made the choice to start fading them.. read more →

2015 Update: Department of the Army Pamplet 670-1 Changes Tattoo Regulations

Just over a year since the US Army changed their guidelines for tattoos causing a stir among both enlisted and those who were now prohibited from enlisting.  The US military has a long standing unofficial history with tattooing and it’s a shame that how one chooses to decorate their body could stop them from not.. read more →

2015 Electric City Tattoo Convention | Scranton PA

This is our second year attending the Electric City Tattoo Convention in Scranton, PA. Our booth will be setup to answer your questions about tattoo removal, explain the laser tattoo removal process and give some information about why you should think about having a tattoo faded prior to getting a cover-up. Educating the public on.. read more →

13 Apr 2015
April 13, 2015

Laser Tattoo Removal On A Finger

This client has a tattoo they no longer want and came to use to start laser tattoo removal. This is the first treatment of what we expect could be 10-12 to remove, over about a one and a half to two year period. The white “frosting” that appears immediately during the treatment is water vapor,.. read more →