2015 Update: Department of the Army Pamplet 670-1 Changes Tattoo Regulations

Just over a year since the US Army changed their guidelines for tattoos causing a stir among both enlisted and those who were now prohibited from enlisting.  The US military has a long standing unofficial history with tattooing and it’s a shame that how one chooses to decorate their body could stop them from not only following their dreams, but helping defend our country.

We support all of our soldiers and those who have served, and are here to help those who want to but can’t because of prohibited tattoos.

Updated on April 10th, 2015, Army Regulation 670-1 (PDF) says in part:

Eccentric, exaggerated, or faddish cosmetic styles and colors, to include makeup designed to cover tattoo, are inappropriate with the uniform and are prohibited.

Tattoos or brands, regardless of subject matter, are prohibited on the head, face (except for permanent makeup, as provided in paragraph 3–2b(2)), neck (anything above the t-shirt neckline to include on/inside the eyelids, mouth, and ears), wrists, and hands, except Soldiers may have one ring tattoo on each hand, below the joint of the bottom segment (portion closest to the palm) of the finger.

Commanders will perform an annual check for new tattoos or brands above the neckline, wrists, and hands.

If the Soldier elects to have the tattoo or brand removed, the commander will counsel the Soldier on a plan for scheduling the medical procedure(s)

This article is only about US Army policy change regarding tattoos, other branches are not affected by this information.  Before making any modification to your body or contacting us about laser tattoo removal we strongly suggest you consult your commanding officer to ensure you are complying to these new regulations.

We will continue to offer all US military, including those trying to enlist a discount on laser tattoo removal.