09 Dec 2013
December 9, 2013

Getting Better Results Between Treatments

Tattoo Removal Progress

Fiction: The laser used during treatment removes tattoos. Fact: The laser facilitates the tattoo fading, your immune system does approximately 90% of the fading process.  We’ve already covered how tattoos are removed, but a commonly asked question is What can be done between treatments to get better fading? The simplest answer to achieving ore fading.. read more →

25 Oct 2013
October 25, 2013

Kutztown University Autumn Wellness Expo

Kutztown University Autumn Wellness Expo

Thursday October 31st, from 10am until 2pm we will be at Kutztown University for the Autumn Wellness Expo.  Join us in the McFarland Student Union for free laser tattoo removal consultations, explanations of the process, and get questions to your answers.  If you’ve been living with a tattoo you don’t love, we’ll give you some.. read more →

Fresh Start Tattoo Removal Program Partners with GO! Tattoo Removal

A few months ago we received an email on behalf of Dr. David Ores, a New York City doctor who has an unconventional way of operating his business, one that favors treatment to clients before insurances and red tape.  This particular email was to ask if we’d be interested in providing laser tattoo removal services.. read more →

Free Radiation Tattoo Removal

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, where we see more pink banners and ribbons than any other time during the year.  Cancer doesn’t stop for the other 11 months of the year though, and neither does the stories of survivors. Meet Michelle, she’s a breast cancer survivor and living life to the fullest since.. read more →

08 Oct 2013
October 8, 2013

Confusion Free Tattoo Removal Pricing

Confusion Free Tattoo Removal Pricing

A consideration for anyone interested in laser tattoo removal, or fading an existing tattoo to facilitate a better cover-up is the cost per treatment and overall cost to remove the tattoo. The most common pricing structure is to charge per square inch, or per square inch area of the skin that the tattoo covers, others.. read more →

Washington, D.C.

For some reason, law makers in our nations capitol want to regulate when and how you get tattooed and pierced.  This is ludicrous.  It will not only hurt business, but I fear it will call into question other walk-in style services.  Will a law be proposed to make customers wait a predefined time to have.. read more →

Not All Sunscreen Is Equal | Protecting Your Tattoos & Skin Year Round

Summer is here, vacations have started and trips to the beach and even just the backyard to layout and get some sun and vitamin D are in full effect.  It’s also time to understand a little more about how to protect your skin and tattoos when you’re exposed to the sun, and this applies year.. read more →

05 Jun 2013
June 5, 2013

Old Vs. New, Which Tattoos Fade Faster?

Old Vs. New, Which Tattoos Fade Faster?

Tattoos will almost always fade slightly over time, but this article isn’t about natural fading.  Of the most frequently asked questions we get, those about the age of tattoos are becoming more and more common.  We’re going to explain how this relates to laser tattoo removal treatment and provide answers that will help set realistic.. read more →

24 May 2013
May 24, 2013

How Not To Have A Tattoo Removed

Disclaimer!  GO! Tattoo Removal does not condone, encourage or suggest this method of tattoo removal.  It’s extremely unsafe and can cause massive scarring, be difficult to heal and lead to infection.  There is also not safe for work language used in this video. Possibly one of the most bizarre things we’ve actually seen on video.  People.. read more →

A client came to us with a Grateful Dead Dancing Bear tattoo that has turned into more of a blob over time, the lines blending together.  To cover this with what will eventually be a full sleeve, merging with work done on the upper arm, we are lightening this tattoo to make the space easier.. read more →