We are extremely excited to announce GO! Tattoo Removal will have a booth at the Lehigh Valley Tattoo Convention, Skindustry Tattoo Expo.  Since opening our doors last fall we’ve made an effort to be involved with the tattoo community.  Educating the public on how laser tattoo removal works and working with tattoo artists who are often faced with very difficult cover-up situations is what differentiates us.  We invite you to stop by our booth Friday April 26th through Sunday April 28th.

2013 Skindustry Tattoo Convention

Every tattoo on everybody is different, and sometimes there are reasons to have it removed.  When this is the case, we can discuss with you how the treatment works, what to expect, roughly how long it will take and answer all your other questions.  Other times you may have a tattoo in prime real estate that was done years before you ever thought of doing a fully conceptualized sleeve, back or chest piece.  These situations we treat with a slightly different approach.  We encourage an open relationship be kept with yourself and your artist and that you schedule time through your treatments (usually 2-5) to stop in and show them the progress.  When they the tattoo is lightened enough to facilitate the coverup you want, we’ll go over the last aftercare and suggested wait time before new ink, then eagerly await to see photos of what you got!

Consultations are always free and we hope to talk with as many people as possible at the convention, answering your questions, dispelling myths and explaining why what you see on the Internet isn’t always the truth.

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GO! Tattoo Removal Coozies

We will have a limited run of these amazing coozies, printed locally by xLVACx to give away over the three days. We suggest getting there early if you want to snag one and keep your beverage cool this summer though!

In addition to the coozies and free consultations, we will be booking appointments while at the convention, however our offices will be be closed over the three-day weekend.  Stay tuned for more information about the 2013 Skindustry Tattoo Convention here on our blog, on Instagram at @gotattooremoval, facebook.com/gotattooremoval and pinterest.com/gotattooremoval.